Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Worst Place to live on Earth

Download video/ part 1 / part 2 / The general point of this thread is for members to say the place they'd least like to live on Earth, past and present. It can be down to a number of factors, from minor niggles like scenery to major ones such as governments. I'll start.

Past: Soviet Union, 1920-1953. Stalin was a complete an utter psycopath, obsessed with the blood of hos own people and crazed by his own absoloute power. No one was safe from this nutter, not even members of his own family. From devestating war with the Germans, to overnight disappearences by the secret police, Stalin's Russia had it all. Hell has never been so vivid.

Present: Saudi Arabia. Do you like being oppressed as a woman? Do you like seeing your friends publicly beheaded for minor crimes? Do you like not being able to do anything, go anywhere, say anything, or being able to practise your religion freely? If so, Saudi Arabia sounds like the perfect place for you! Upon your arrival to this family friendly destination, you can see such sights as women being stoned for adultery, religious police terrifying the population and al-Queda trying to bomb the local populace persitently! Scorching hot 50*C temperatures included, to try and put the 'skin' in the 'skin cancer' part of your holiday!
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